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Jayne Kelly teaches us a thing or two about tickling the ivories.

by Keith Testa, April 23, 2013

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Jayne Kelly - The pleasures of playing


Jayne Kelly with a musician's best friend

Jayne Kelly is a member of the Music Teachers National Association

“Jayne…wow…! I am always struck by the intellect of someone who can look at the same situation that countless others have already looked at and find a completely unique, AND better interpretation. I learned so much from you. Your style is unique and world class.”

~ John Moriarty, Executive Director, Historic Belknap Mill


To hear pianist Jayne Kelly music is to be transformed. While the passion and technical brilliance of her playing is astounding, in the end what Jayne achieves is an awakening of some simple inner joy, leaving listeners enriched, and simply happy! Classical pianist, teacher, and in a new expansion of horizons – jazz singer, Jayne Kelly is one of the most engaging musicians you will ever hear.


“Jayne, your spirit, talent and obvious delight in the music you play completely captivate the audience. I am astounded that you could commit the Op. 22 to memory in only four weeks and play it so well! You surprised and moved me deeply by playing it in my honor. The warmth of your lovely gift and affection remains in my heart.”

~ Jerome Murphy, M. Steinert & Sons


To hear Jayne Kelly’s music is to be transformed.