Piano Lessons with Jayne

Piano lessons with Jayne Kelly have been a life-changing experience for many people. Jayne is one of the most highly regarded piano teachers in southern New Hampshire.  Her students come from all walks of life, and often find that studying with Jayne is an experience that transcends simply becoming a better piano player.

Jayne recognizes the unique qualities and aspirations in each student. Rather than using a standard methodology, she customizes her approach to each student. This allows them to flourish where their strengths are, while being nurtured in the areas that need work.

Jayne’s students are generally adults, many of whom are picking up where they left off, or fulfilling life-long goals of achieving a higher level of musical understanding, technical prowess, and satisfaction in their playing.

To accommodate the challenges of working adults finding time for lessons, Jayne provides flexibility of scheduling with bi-weekly, monthly, or on-demand coaching sessions.