January 10th, 2010

Dear Jayne,

On behalf of M. Steinert & Sons, I would like to thank you for your wonderful performance at our store last night. The concert was the perfect kick-off to our company’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Your exceptional talent and charming personality consistently earn accolades from our audiences and we look forward to having you back again next year.  On a personal note, please know that Beth, Laura, and I greatly appreciate your ongoing support for our store.

The world of Steinway pianos is greatly enriched by you, and we feel lucky to be counted among your friends.

With warm wishes,M Steinert and Sons

Stephen Hauk
Store Manager
M. Steinert & Sons-Natick

Ms. Kelly is a consummate pianist who knows how to communicate the essence of the music.  She presents an impressive memorized and energetic recital with brilliant interpretation of the score.  Her assured technique, idiomatic phrasing and expression, along with her grasp of style; clearly reflect her love for the music.  She gives a thrilling performance that is uplifting and gratifying to her audience.

David E. Brandes, Professor of Music
Franklin Pierce University

Hi Jayne,

We met at Franklin Pierce a few weeks ago, and I just got the chance to sit down and send you an e-mail. I want you to know that I really enjoyed your playing and it has given me inspiration to start back up with my piano again. I’ve been going to the practice rooms two or three times a week. I’m home for Spring Break and I’ve been going through some of her music to bring back with me to learn. I found a book of Chopin and remembered you saying that it was his bicentennial and figured that might be some fun. Since I’ve been home, I sit at the piano for hours every day and play. I’m very glad you came to share with us and hope you come back!



As we would say back home where I’m from, “Jayne really made that piano talk”.

Franklin Pierce student

“She was also without question quite a colorful person. Even though she is dealing with pieces of high art, she maintains a childish (in a good way) spirit and admiration for the pieces she portrays, and her admiration is evident not only in her interpretations, but her methods as well. Furthermore, her quirky personifications and other color contributed to the enjoyment of the music. “

Franklin Pierce student